Performance testing


For those with a desire to enhance their sport or exercise performance, the MPC offers a number of performance assessments for individual athletes and teams.


These assessments can measure current fitness levels and enable the prescription of appropriate training programmes. Individual performance assessments available include VO2 Max and Lactate Threshold. For teams, the MPC offers a battery of physiological fitness tests to measure characteristics such as flexibility and speed.


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VO2 max Test

Maximal aerobic capacity (VO2 max) provides a measure of aerobic power. It reflects an individuals’ ability to take in, transport and use oxygen at the active muscle. Typically, the higher an individual’s aerobic capacity the greater their endurance ability. Maximal aerobic power is influenced by a number of factors including muscle mass, age, gender and training status. In untrained individuals, VO2 max can increase by as much as 20%, however in already trained individuals changes are much lower.

After a gentle warm up the test will begin, increasing in intensity every minute until volitional exhaustion or until the athlete has the inability to maintain the required pace. Heart rate and oxygen consumption (using a gas collection mask) will both be measured continuously during the test.

This test can be completed using the treadmill, cycle ergometer (or own bike) or rowing machine, to best suit the athletes needs.

Lactate Threshold Test

The body constantly produces lactate. At rest and in light exercise the level of lactate that is produced is small enough that you can effectively remove it from the working muscles without it becoming problematic. With increasing exercise intensity, lactate production increases and reaches levels that become problematic due to the association of lactate and fatigue. By assessing blood lactate at a range of exercise intensities a blood lactate curve can be plotted. From this curve we can determine i) Lactate Threshold and ii) Lactate Turnpoint which are important indices in monitoring your aerobic and anaerobic fitness.

Following a gentle warm up the test will begin, increasing in intensity every three minutes until volitional exhaustion. At the end of each 3 minute stage, a blood sample is taken (either from the finger or ear lobe) to measure blood lactate. Heart rate is also monitored throughout the test.

This test can be conducted on a treadmill, bike or rowing machine, to best suit the athletes needs.

Combined LAVO Test

The LAVO test is designed to measure both maximal aerobic capacity (VO2 max) as well as lactate profile. The protocol for this test usually consists of six 3 minute stages, each at increased intensity, followed by minute long stages each increasing in intensity until volitional exhaustion occurs.

Following completion of this test, you will be provided with a feedback report detailing your test results, together with calculated thresholds, comparisons to normative data and recommendations on how these results can be used to inform your training.

Functional Threshold Power Test (FTP)

A Functional Threshold Power test (FTP) for cyclists is designed to measure the power that can be sustained for 1 hour, which is measured in Watts and is an effective measure of current fitness.


*As of 1st February 2024*

VO2 Max Test - £146 (inc VAT)

Lactate Threshold Test - £146 (inc VAT)

Combined LAVO Test - £189 (inc VAT)

Functional Threshold Power Test - £103 (inc VAT)

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