New financial support for healthcare students

The Government has announced new student support arrangements for many undergraduate and postgraduate healthcare students. More information on eligible courses is available on the NHS website.

This funding is made available by the government. Students are advised to check the latest information from the government to confirm their eligibility.

Student support outline

From September 2020 students studying Nursing BSc, Midwifery BSc, Physiotherapy BSc, Occupational Therapy BSc and Paramedic Science BSc will receive a non-repayable and non-means-tested payment of at least £5,000 a year, in addition to existing mainstream student support.

There will also be additional funding available on some prioritised courses. Additional funding will also be available for childcare and to support regional recruitment difficulties. Total additional funding could come to as much as £3,000 per year for some students.

The new funding will be offered to continuing students as well as new course entrants.

The new financial support is intended to provide additional funding and not to replace the maintenance loan. We would expect most students to access both the non-repayable payment and the maintenance loan to help finance their studies. Together these sources will provide more day-to-day support for study than has ever before been available.

Frequently asked questions

Is this new funding arrangement a loan?

This funding is not a loan as it does not need to be repaid. It comes in addition to existing student support arrangements. We would expect most students to continue to take out a loan for tuition and probably also a maintenance loan to support living costs. Combined with the new payment this will give students access to more day to day support for living costs than ever before.

Will students continue to pay tuition fees?

Tuition fees remain in place for healthcare students, but these are paid directly to universities through the student loans system. Student loan repayments are based on income, which means you won’t have to start paying them back until you are earning over £25,000 year.

Will the loan system continue for maintenance?

The maintenance loan will remain available for healthcare students at current levels. We would expect most students to continue to access it.

What courses are included?

Nursing BSc, Midwifery BSc, Physiotherapy BSc, Occupational Therapy BSc and Paramedic Science BSc students will receive the £5,000 support payment.

Is this funding just for new students?

The payments will be made to new and continuing students. We are waiting to hear at which point 2020 Spring intake students will receive the funding.

How will the funding be administered? How will students access the funding?

The payments will be administered by the NHS Business Services Authority, which already provides reimbursement for placement-related travel and accommodation costs. The funding is likely to be made available to students over the course of each year. More details will be published by the Government on how to apply for the funding.

When will this new arrangement be available from?

The Government says that the payments will be available from September 2020.