Misura bike fitting

The Motion and Performance Centre offers a bike fitting service for riders from all disciplines and at all levels or experience.  

We listen to your activity needs, assess your physical condition then use the latest technology to perform dynamic measurements to optimise your riding comfort and performance. Our service is impartial with experienced technicians trained by Serotta, Cyclefit and Retül.  

A man cycles on an indoor bicycle with Motion Performance Capture technology


Fit sessions start with an interview, rider history and flexibility assessment.  

Standard 2D fit: This uses 2D video analysis to address fundamentals such as cleat position, saddle height, saddle fore-aft and handlebar position. 
Duration: 1½ hours     Cost: £129  

Comprehensive 3D fit: This builds on the standard fit using our state-of-the-art 3D motion capture system to analyze your position and biomechanics in fine detail. Over thirty unique parameters can be monitored dynamically to enable precise tuning. Duration: 2½ hours     Cost: £194

You will receive a summary report detailing your pre/post riding position and recommended bike set-up.  

Thinking about a new bike? New cranks? New bars?

Our Exit Cycles fitting rig simplifies the task of finding the perfect position with quick and precise adjustment of saddle position, handlebar position and even crank length to ensure optimal fit.  The Computrainer resistance unit provides integrated power measurement and  Spinscan analysis allows for left and right side measurement to assess your pedalling technique and efficiency.

Alternatively we can fit your existing bike on our Kurt Kinetic Road Machine turbo trainer , with super-weight 8kg flywheel that gives a good “road feel” and accurate estimation of power production. Swap-in our Salsa Size-o-matic fitting stem  to experiment with different stem reach and rise.

If you are interested in booking a fit, please contact mpc@worc.ac.uk for further details.