Our values


Our values of professionalism, inclusiveness, integrity and community are at the heart of everything we do.


Building relationships


A smiling woman with curly hair sits on the grass outside a University building

We strive to ensure that everyone within the University is treated fairly, with dignity and respect; that the opportunities we provide are open to all; and that the University provides a safe, supportive and welcoming environment.

Developing leadership and delivering a distinctive education

Our distinctive style of learning and teaching develops both students and staff.  We cultivate the leaders of tomorrow-- equipping our graduates with the skills to achieve their ambitions and perform at a high level.

Engaging with the community

The University is accessible as a place of learning to everyone who has the potential, regardless of age or background. We contribute to the region's cultural landscape through our research and teaching and by opening our doors and working with the community in many different ways. For example, many of our staff and students work as volunteers and the University’s widening participation initiatives have been widely recognised for their inventiveness and success.

Sustainable development & environmental management

We recognise the importance of the environment and have established programmes that are needed to tackle environmental issues at a local and global level. From transport schemes to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions to waste management and energy efficient buildings, we are looking ahead. A major shift in emphasis is taking place which will integrate sustainable development into the heart of all our activities and operations. We were the first university in the UK to be awarded the prestigious EcoCampus platinum award for our whole campus.