Applying for MPhil

Our MPhil programmes aim to equip students with the skills to design, research and write an MPhil to the standard expected by the University of Worcester.
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An MPhil normally requires 2 years of full-time or 4 years of part-time study. Your MPhil should demonstrate your ability to undertake an appropriate research programme and to produce a critical analysis of existing knowledge in your field of study. 

To apply for an MPhil, please select the link below. This will take you to the range of broad research degree programme areas that we can supervise. Please select the research are most closely aligned with your proposed project. An application link can then be found towards the bottom of each programme page.


Start dates and application deadlines      

We have two entry points throughout the year; these can be found on the course pages but are usually September and January each academic year. We encourage applicants to apply as early as possible to allow time for your application to be processed. 

Our application and interview deadlines for September 2024 applications are as follows:  



Application deadline 24/25 (all)

28th June 2024

Interview deadline International

12th July 2024

Interview deadline Home/EU

28th July 2024

Our application and interview deadlines for January 2025 applications are as follows:       



 Application deadline for S2 24/25 International   

18th October 2024

 Application deadline for S2 24/25 Home / EU   

20th December 2024

 Interview deadline International  

1st November 2024

 Interview deadline Home / EU 

10th January 2025

Applications received after this date will automatically be considered for the following intake. Please contact if you have any questions.