Student surveys

Every year we invite our students to take part in a survey so that you can have your say and help shape the future of your course and the University as a whole.
Help shape our future. Take part in a 10-minute survey.

Which survey should you complete?

If you are a final year undergraduate student you will usually be invited to take part in the National Student Survey. All other undergraduates will be invited to complete the University of Worcester Course Experience Survey.

You will receive an email letting you know which survey you should complete.

How can you access the surveys?

You will receive an email letting you know which survey you should complete.

The National Student Survey is accessible via

Links to complete the University of Worcester Course Experience Survey will be made available via Blackboard and at

What will the surveys ask you?

The surveys will ask you a range of questions about various aspects of your course and the University, including:

  • Teaching
  • Learning opportunities
  • Marking and assessment
  • Organisation and management
  • Learning resources
  • Student voice

You will also be able to provide comments on your overall experience and suggest improvements relating to your course and student experience.

Why should you complete the survey?

Please give us honest feedback about your experiences:

  • Tell us what is good about your course
  • Tell us what can be improved

Results are used by course teams and University departments to make improvements. Results also support decisions about course developments, spending on facilities and student support.

Responses to surveys are confidential.