The University of Worcester welcomes applications from candidates from all social and ethnic backgrounds and is committed to the promotion of equal opportunities for all.

The admission of students is based on the reasonable expectation that the applicant will be able to fulfil the objectives and achieve the standard required for the award for which they are registered.

Admissions policy

For complete details of our admissions principles and procedures, please see the following: 

If you would like more information on disclosing a disability or dyslexia please look at the Frequently Asked Questions page within our Disability and Dyslexia Services web pages.

Admissions terms and conditions

The information provided in the document available on the page linked below outlines the terms and conditions between the University of Worcester and Applicants to our programmes of study. A binding contract is formed between the University and the Applicant when the Applicant accepts the offer of a place at the University. This contract forms the basis of your relationship with the University.

The documents available on the page linked below provide important information which you need to read and understand before you accept an offer.

If you have any queries or questions concerning this information, please contact our Admissions Office via 01905 855111 or

Student transfer policy

Transferring is the process whereby a current student at the University of Worcester, or at another institution, moves from one degree programme to another.  This includes students transferring to Worcester from another institution and transferring between programmes at Worcester.

Transparency return

We publish information on the number of applications, offers and degrees awarded in our transparency return.

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