Sport psychology


Sport Psychology is an interesting and important aspect of sport which can frequently make the difference between winning and losing.


Coaches and athletes alike can learn how to improve mental skills such as dealing with the pressure of a big game, managing nerves, capitalising on an opponent’s lapse in concentration, or how to use mental skills to learn new techniques, strategies or patterns of play. Sport psychology can help educate and raise awareness in both athletes and coaches to some of the issues that may be hindering their performance.

The MPC offers individuals and groups the chance to improve on their mental game and ultimately their performance and benefits from experienced staff with expertise in applied Sport Psychology.

Sport Psychology support can be provided in the form of consultation on a one to one or small group basis or alternatively, workshops can be delivered to meet your club/group requirements.

Previous clients include: West Bromwich Albion FC Academy, Worcestershire County Cricket Club Academy and the RAF Ladies Basketball Team.

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