We have excellent health facilities to support you in the development of relevant professional skills alongside academic knowledge.

Clinical Skills Rooms

Our high specification clinical skills laboratories simulate ‘real life’ situations. Allowing you to experience, develop and learn practical skills before going out to practice placements.

Our remote control centre enables lecturers to programme and control the manikins to simulate illness, effects of nursing interventions and treatments. The video recording equipment allows you to review and reflect on your abilities, and to share this with other students.

You can read more about our facilities in our Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre brochure.      

Sim Man

Sim Man is a state-of-the-art training device programmed with over 2,500 abnormal heart rhythms, and can suffer anything from a slight wheezing problem to asthma attacks, profuse bleeding and cardiac arrest.

 He is linked up to a monitor and software, which create thousands of scenarios and outcomes ideal for testing decision-making skills. Sim Man is the next best thing to the students being out within the clinical areas with real patients. He allows you to gain valuable experience, while giving lecturers an excellent opportunity to assess how you are getting on.

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