Lakeside has been awarded Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) funding for 1620 free places on its 2024 summer holiday club (60 per day), this also extends to a free hot meal each day across all 27 dates below.

HAF is a Department for Education (DfE) funded programme aimed at enabling children and young people in receipt of benefits-related free school meals (FSM) to attend school holiday activities and experiences during Easter, summer and Christmas.

85% of the funding is allocated for Children in receipt of Free School Meals (FSM).

15% of the funding is allocated for children between the ages of 5 to 15 who your School consider to be ‘Just About Managing’, vulnerable or in need of this provision. This may include, for example:

  • children assessed as being in need
  • looked-after children
  • children with an EHC plan (Education, health and care plan)
  • children assessed as otherwise vulnerable
  • children living in areas of high deprivation
  • children of refugee families with NRPF

Parents/carers will need to register on the Worcestershire County Council website where all of the Worcestershire HAF providers are advertised. Parents/carers get 16 tickets to use across providers as they wish.

Lakeside Campus Summer Holiday Club Dates: 

  1. 22/07/2024
  2. 23/07/2024
  3. 24/07/2024
  4. 25/07/2024
  5. 29/07/2024
  6. 30/07/2024
  7. 31/07/2024
  8. 01/08/2024
  9. 02/08/2024
  10. 05/08/2024
  11. 06/08/2024
  12. 07/08/2024
  13. 08/08/2024
  14. 09/08/2024
  15. 12/08/2024
  16. 13/08/2024
  17. 14/08/2024
  18. 15/08/2024
  19. 16/08/2024
  20. 19/08/2024
  21. 20/08/2024
  22. 22/08/2024
  23. 23/08/2024
  24. 27/08/2024
  25. 28/08/2024
  26. 29/08/2024
  27. 30/08/2024


Event title

University of Worcester - Outdoor Adventurous Activity

Short description

We deliver engaging experiences through outdoor activities and team building. We pride ourselves on supporting lifelong, inclusive education in outdoor activity, health and wellbeing in the environment.

Long description

Lakeside Campus offers a vast array of outdoor activities, where participants can develop a wide range of personal, social, emotional and health benefits. Children here, will participate in activities on land, aerial and on the water, that encompass the whole child. They will build new friendships, develop their confidence and skills within an activity, challenge themselves, learn resilience and so much more. We offer activities that can be adapted to suit a wide range of needs, and to support their own developmental process. We have a proven track record of feedback that supports the difference our beautiful 50 acres can offer your child or young person.


Nature and Outdoors


University of Worcester, Lakeside Campus, Worcester, WR6 6NH

Max attendees


Date Range

From Mon 22nd July 2024 to Mon 22nd July 2024

Attendee data capture

Information required per ticket

Min advance time

1 day

Min cancel time

1 day