MPC's research and consultancy capability means the analysis offered can have benefits to a wide range of companies and organisations.  
A Motion Performance Capture of a human skeleton

Motion Analysis in MPC is based around a purpose built laboratory that will allow almost any conceivable workplace or sporting environment to be recreated, this allows a full range of biomechanical analysis techniques to be used:  

  • Kinematics - using high speed video or motion capture, allowing the activity to be scientifically measured to a high level of precision.
  • Kinetics - measurement of force either by the subject using a state of the art isokinetic dynamometer which measures joint strength or using force platforms which measure the forces involved in the participants interaction with the ground. EMG also allows the muscle activation to be measured and considered as part of the analysis.  

By assessing movement, MPC is able to provide advice on reducing the risk to employees, optimising working practice and reducing costs. 

Motion Capture of Basketball Free Throw

MPC has worked with elite basketball players at the Worcester Wolves and the Lithuania Women's team.  Using 3D motion capture to record and analyse the kinematics of freethrow shooting performance.

Researchers at MPC have used a 16 Camera Vicon 3D motion capture system and a whole body marker set to  assess player kinematics during free throw performance, the data collected has been used to help coaches and players improve their game.