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Sports Performance Research

In relation to sports performance, technique analysis has been undertaken on the GB Dragon Boat team, GB Equine team and the England Cricket team. In addition, the Worcester Wolves Basketball team participated in a research project to evaluate the impact of biomechanical and psychological interventions on free throw performance. Our sports physiologists have investigated the physiological demands and pacing strategies of cross-country mountain bike racing. Pacing during 20km cycling time trials has also being investigated by an inter-disciplinary research team including psychologists, a physiologist and a biomechanist. Pacing continues to be a key area of ongoing research for the MPC staff.  

The MPC staff have an established research base investigating physical activity and health. Funding to evaluate a number of regional community based programmes to improve healthy lifestyles has been awarded. Specialist product development work has been undertaken to develop a saddle wheelchair for cerebral palsy sufferers, whilst movement analysis research has investigated deviation from the global reference frame during normal walking.  

The specialist facilities of the MPC have supported a number of PhD students from the University of Worcester and the University of Birmingham, including research looking at the effects of aging on movement performance, the impact of physical activity on balance, gait and stability in older persons and the effects of specific strength & conditioning interventions on performance related fitness in female novice equestrian event riders.