Performance analysis



The MPC also offers a video and match analysis service for a wide range of sports.

Using a variety of performance analysis software, including Swinger, Quintic, Dartfish, SportsCode Elite and ProZone, team and individual performance can be analysed in order to inform the coaching process and ultimately improve performance. The type of analysis can be tailored to meet the needs of the individual and/or team.

Previous clients include: Wolverhampton Wanderers FC Academy, Worcester Wolves Basketball Club and Worcester Blind Football Club.

Worcester Blind Football Club

A football pitch diagram split into zones


Games are captured into the SportsCode Elite software using a Sony Hard Drive camera, Blackmagic and a MacBook Pro.  A coding template developed in conjunction with the coaching staff is then used to analyse each game.  One of the areas that has been analysed with Worcester Blind Football Club is goalkeeper distribution.  Using the template below along with a set of descriptors, each goalkeeper distribution is analysed, then a number of recommendations are fed back to the coaching staff in relation to what makes a successful distribution.

Worcester Wolves Basketball Club

During the 2009-10 season, each home game of the Worcester Wolves Basketball Club was filmed and analysed using the SportsCode Elite software package by a student from the MPC.  Analysis of the game was turned around in 48 hours and provided to the coach on Monday following the Saturday game to enable the coach to view the feedback before utilising it in training on Tuesday.  Analysis was provided in both DVD and statistical format, providing collective team statistics and individual player analysis, including the break down of all shots taken by each individual player.