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Sport Performance Facilities

Motion Capture and Biomechanics Laboratory  

The Motion Capture Laboratory is a purpose-built facility fully equipped to perform advanced biomechanics and motion analysis. The Lab is 1,000 cubic metres in volume and is fitted with filtered through flow air conditioning and TeraFlex sports flooring. Equipment within the laboratory includes a 3D motion capture system, forceplates, electromyography and isokinetic dynamometry.


Human Performance Laboratories

Fully air conditioned facilities for physiological assessment with equipment for online gas analysis, blood analysis and ECG monitoring to determine performance parameters such as lactate threshold and anaerobic power during activities such as walking, running, cycling and rowing.  

Performance Analysis Suites  

The two Performance Analysis Suites at Riverside are equipped with 30 computers in total, licensed with performance analysis software including Swinger, Quintic, Dartfish, SportsCode Elite and ProZone. These software packages are used to provide accurate visual feedback and an objective assessment of performance in order to inform the coaching process and ultimately improve athlete performance.  

Sports Centre  

Sports and Fitness Centre including large sports hall, fitness suite, gymnasia, dance studio, floodlit sand based astroturf, third generation astroturf and extensive playing fields.  


University Arena

The University of Worcester Arena provides a new first-class multi-purpose home for recreational and high-performance sport for the University and City. The Arena has a 2000 seating capacity and a range of sports, fitness, therapy and conference facilities. The facility is purposely designed for wheelchair and mobility impaired athletes strengthening our capability to offer the country's first sports coaching science degree specialising in Disability Sport.


The recently refurbished Riverside Building offers two large teaching spaces with multi-purpose sprung floors for indoor mini-games and dance. Further smaller teaching rooms and Performance Analysis Suites include views to the larger teaching spaces and a social learning internet cafe space is also available within this attractive venue.

Environmental Chamber

A world-leading climate controlled room within the NPARU capable of recreating extreme climate types and environmental conditions.