Svetlana Plasilova

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Svetlana Plasilova achieved First Class Honours in Business and Marketing BA (Hons)

“I am over the moon,” said the 22-year-old from the Czech Republic. “I was working very hard for the past three years, and I could not be happier about the outcome.”

Attending university abroad was quite a sudden decision for Svetlana, who is from Prague.  “One day, a high school classmate dragged me to an event about studying abroad, and here I am!” she said.  “However, I decided to choose the University of Worcester because of the wide range of degrees, societies, and I liked the idea of attending campus university.”

Svetlana is currently pursuing a postgraduate degree at the London School of Economics. Having explored gender in advertising during her last year at Worcester, she is taking this further with a Master’s degree in Gender, Media, and Culture. “I hope that one day my knowledge obtained from the above-mentioned institutions will guide me through my career where I hope to create greater inclusion and media diversity via advertising,” she said.

Svetlana finished her studies in the most turbulent of years as the pandemic struck and work moved online.  “At first, it was very hard,” said the former Gymnazium Ceskolipska pupil.  “I love learning in a group and losing the social aspect of studying was very hard for me.  I have definitely felt that during our final exam.  Instead of going to celebrate our accomplishments, we just closed our computers.  However, support from the University of Worcester staff was amazing! I can’t thank everyone enough.”