Ondrej Medal

Ondrej Medal said he was very proud after completing his studies at the University of Worcester.

Ondrej Medal

Ondrej, from Prague, achieved First Class Honours in his International Business Management studies, and he has already decided to further his education.

“I feel very proud and accomplished as this is something I wished for when starting uni,” he said. “I hope that having achieved First Class Honours will open even more opportunities for my future plans and will allow me to start off my career swiftly, as this is something employers look for. Therefore, I am very thankful for this accomplishment and am glad for all the support that I was given both by the academics and by my friends and family.”

He has now started his postgraduate studies at Charles University, in Prague.

“My goal is to finish my Master’s as well as secure a decent job position,” he said. “I am currently working for Ernst & Young part-time during school time and would like to continue to do so after obtaining the degree.”

For Ondrej there were several reasons for coming to Worcester over other UK universities. He said: “I chose the University as I liked the personal approach that was highlighted as one of the main attributes of the teaching there. The student satisfaction played a significant role as well. Lastly, I really appreciated the fact that the University is really welcoming to international students.”

Ondrej was on a work placement outside of the UK when the pandemic hit, which he said was difficult. “The University placement team provided a great amount of support in this uneasy time that we had to go through,” he added. In the last year of his degree Ondrej received a mixture of online and face-to-face teaching. “I understand that the options were limited, and the academics tried their best, which I am thankful for,” he said. “I am glad for the previous years of face-to-face teaching, which allowed me to build meaningful connections with my lecturers and other students.”

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