Sabina Zikmundová


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Sabina Zikmundová, 24, from Benešov u Prahy in the Czech Republic, Sabina Zikmundová achieved First Class Honours in Business, Human Resources Management and Public Relations BA (Hons)

“I chose Worcester because I really liked the size of the University and the town, as well as a combination of study areas I was interested in: Business, HRM and PR.  No other university could have offered me that,” she said. “In particular, I’m proud of completing one semester in Belgium via the Erasmus program, as well as my placement year in HR at Airbus, a world leader in aviation manufacturing. The University truly gained me lots of opportunities to grow and flourish and it’s up to everyone to grab these and make the most out of them. My motto is to live my life to the fullest.”

Speaking about completing her studies in the midst of the pandemic, far from home, Sabina said: “It felt strange walking through empty campuses - having all my friends moved out. I also felt sad I couldn’t give a proper farewell to my lecturers and classmates and celebrate together our four years-long effort. However, I take this pandemic as it is. I could either complain and moan or get on with it and focus on my future plans instead. The most important thing to me is that I gained tremendous support throughout my studies at Worcester, as well as an amount of invaluable experiences, academic knowledge, many transferable skills and I developed as a person. What else could I wish for?”

Having studied Business at undergraduate level, Sabina is now pursuing a slightly different pathway at postgraduate level, and she hopes to combine her many and varied interests into one dream career in the future.

“I’m currently studying a Psychology conversion course at the University of Aberdeen,” she said. “I want to deepen my understanding of human behaviour and embark on a slightly different career path than the pure business I focused on when at Worcester. My plans are to successfully complete MSc by July 2021 and teach English overseas with my gained CELTA qualification.

“In the long term, I aspire to combine psychology and education within the workplace so I’d like to gain some more experience from a teaching environment whilst travelling and enjoying the freedom I have.

“Perhaps one day I could settle down with a people-centric job within the Learning & Development field where all my passions for travelling, psychology, education and business will be met.”