These pages provide direct access to generic materials for trainees, tutors and schools for all post graduate secondary programmes including PGCE core and School Direct 

PGCE Core and School Direct

Key Mentor Documentation

Professional Mentors

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New Mentor Training     

The next face-to-face New (to Worcester) Mentor Training is on Wednesday 16 February (2022). To book a place contact This training is also available as an online option. 

School Briefings

It is vital that all active professional mentors and subject mentors attend one of our school briefing meetings. To facilitate this we hosted six repeat sessions on-line over a two-week period in September/early October and January/February annually. There is an additional briefing for school direct mentors in April.  If you missed these briefing a recording is shown below. This year the briefings included a subject update.                                                  

School Briefing Autumn 2021 Presentation

Presentation School Briefing Spring 2022 

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