An important part of the Partnership is the professional preparation for roles associated with working in teacher education. Mentoring is a core professional characteristic with transferable skills to induction tutoring, performance management and coaching. Training is required for all new subject and professional mentors. The University of Worcester works in partnership with schools to ensure consistent and high quality refresher and updating courses are available to all mentors.

Becoming a Professional Mentor

If a school wishes to enter into Partnership with the university it is a requirement of the Partnership that there is a recognised and trained professional mentor in each school. This mentor is seen as the key contact in the partnership with the University of Worcester. This person is responsible for the overall welfare and supervision of trainee teachers whilst the trainees are in school, for the organisation and quality assurance of the school experience and for maintaining links with the university. Full responsibilities can be seen in the Secondary Partnership Handbook.       

Becoming a Subject Mentor

This person is responsible for the day-to-day supervision of the trainee teacher in school. Full responsibilities can be seen in the Secondary Partnership Handbook.       

The initial new (to Worcester) mentor training course is offered throughout the year at the University and acts as a broad introduction to school based mentors wishing to support trainees on all programmes. No charge is made for the course.

Where a group or consortium of local schools require mentor training, we can look to deliver it at the local level.

For dates of initial mentor training courses, please contact: 
Claire Rowlands (PGCE Administrator) 
Helen Bayfield (School Direct Administrator)

Continuing Professional Development

There is a full range of training and professional development opportunities available through the University of Worcester for both individual, group or school consortium based activities or programmes. 
Details of bespoke and consultancy services can be found here. Alternatively, you may want to consider continuing onto our MA Education or Professional Doctorate programme.

Other aspects of professional involvement in teacher education include working in partnership in the programme development, governance and other professional opportunities for course moderation. Mentors are also represented and contribute to each Course Management and Advisory Group meetings.