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School Experience (SE) handbooks

Lead Mentor & Class Teacher handbook

School Experience (SE) Tutor handbook

Meeting the Standards handbook (for SE1)

Meeting the Standards handbook (for SE2 and SE3)

PGCE Expectations handbook

PGCE PE Specialist Expectations booklet

PGCE Maths Specialist Expectations handbook

UG1 Expectations - Autumn Term

UG1 Expectations - Summer Term

UG2 Expectations Handbook

UG3 Expectations Handbook


School Experience (SE) forms

Pre-practice tutorial form (for SE1)

Post-practice tutorial form (for SE1)

Pre-practice tutorial form (for SE2)

Post-practice tutorial form (for SE2)

Pre-practice tutorial form (for SE3)

Post-practice tutorial form (for SE3)

Attendance sheet

Code of Conduct form

Student Declaration form

Lesson Commentary form (for SE1, SE2 & SE3)

Mathematics Observation form

Phonics Observation form

MidPoint Review form (for SE1 PGCE trainees only)

MidPoint Review form (for SE2)

Midpoint Review form (for SE3)

School Experience Report (for SE1 UG trainees)

School Experience Report (for SE1 PGCE trainees)

School Experience Report (for SE2)

School Experience Report (for SE3)

Targeted Support form 

Targeted Support form (successful review)

Targeted Support form (unsuccessful review)


Reflective Portfolio (RP)

PGCE Reflective Portfolio

UG Reflective Portfolio

Additional Guidance for the RP

Making Progress Review form and Overview Version (sample for TS1)


Partnership Agreement & Appendix

Partnership Agreement

Reply slip