An important part of the Partnership is the professional preparation for roles associated with working in teacher education. Mentoring is a core professional characteristic with transferable skills to induction tutoring, performance management and coaching. Training is required for all new mentors and update training is suggested at key points for all Lead Mentors and Class Teacher mentors.       

Becoming a Mentor  

If a school wishes to enter Partnership with the university it is a requirement of the Partnership that there is a recognised and trained Lead Mentor in each school. This mentor is seen as the key contact in the partnership with the University of Worcester. This person is responsible for the overall welfare and supervision of trainee teachers whilst the trainees are in school, for the organisation and quality assurance of the school experience, for ensuring, with the Headteacher, that all aspects of the Partnership Agreement are upheld, and for maintaining links with the university. Full responsibilities can be seen in the Primary Partnership Handbook.