The Primary Partnership is an integral part of the Primary ITT department here at the University of Worcester. As part of that department, we follow the aims and priorities of the department. 

Our curriculum for trainees is broken down into eight key areas that link to the Core Content Framework and also feature elements that go beyond the CCF. These eight areas formulate the key focus areas which are assessed as part of our formative progress descriptors and move through the stages of Building, Enriching and Thriving. 


The University of Worcester Framework, placed in jigsaw pieces with text underneath explaining areas

Our School of Education vision - REACH 

Our vision​

Across all phases and routes our Partnership aims to train and educate teachers who are: ​

  • Resilient, supportive professionals with strong values and high standards of personal conduct. ​
  • Effective communicators who collaborate to support wider educational opportunities for all. ​
  • Ambitious participants who are creative, informed intellectuals and promote a love of learning. ​
  • Confident and critically reflective practitioners motivated to continuingly improve practice. ​
  • Highly skilled and inspirational subject/phase specialists committed to ensuring the safety, well-being, and educational progress of all learners. ​

The Primary Department enhancement plan priorities

  • To prepare for the new quality requirements as set out in the accreditation process ready for 24/25. 
  • To further develop mentoring to support the UW curriculum and trainee expertise aligned to the quality requirements 2024-25. 
  • To further embed quality assurance processes to support the delivery of a high-quality curriculum.  
  • To support trainees throughout their training to be successful on their course and develop skills in resilience and well-being.  
  • To widen the department’s training offer – PG SENDi pathway, PG part-time pathway, apprenticeships, Assessment Only, BA Top Up, iPGCE.