Khurrum Shahzad

Khurrum Shahzad has turned his passion for helping others into a career as he graduates as an Early Career Teacher.

Khurrum Shahzad

Khurrum said throughout his life he has always tried to help others through teaching, going right back to his school days when he would help explain work to his fellow classmates.

“I always had a passion to teach,” he said. “When I worked in the financial sector with HSBC and BNP Paribas, I would volunteer myself to teach new management trainees about the systems and protocols. But the journey started from high school when I used to help my classmates with notes and explaining different concepts during group studies which I used to enjoy very much. So, you could say that my enthusiasm and passion towards teaching was always there, but it took me a bit of time to apply that passion in my professional life.”

Khurrum, age 42, completed an MBA at Glasgow Caledonian University before going on to work in the financial sector in the UK. From there, he went to work in China for four years before getting involved in the American International High School Program in China, where he began some formal teaching.

That sparked his desire to gain a formal teaching qualification and so on his return to the UK, Khurrum began exploring his options.

“My top priority was to find a course where I could use both my business and economics skills,” he said. “Worcester was the only place in the country I found that offered a PGCE Business and Economics. On further research I realised that Worcester is one of the best teacher training providers in the country, and recently having an Outstanding Ofsted report proved that Worcester is second to none and I am so proud to have trained here.”

The University of Worcester’s May 2023 Outstanding Ofsted report opens with: “Trainees benefit from an exceptional learning experience at the University of Worcester. This experience instils in them a deep-rooted commitment to making a difference to the lives of the children and young adults in the communities they serve.”

Khurrum was interviewed by the Inspectors during their visit.

He added: “Choosing Worcester for my PGCE was such a great decision. I learnt so much during the whole PGCE. Now I feel much more confident in the delivery of content in the right way and I am sure that I will make a difference to the lives of learners by using the knowledge which I have learnt here in Worcester.”

Khurrum is now starting his job as a Business and Economics teacher at a West Midlands school.


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