James Richards


James Richards has just completed a Secondary PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education) at the University of Worcester, specialising in Business with Economics.


James Richards

“I have a range of emotions about graduating,” he said. “I’ve had such an amazing experience this year and I have had excellent opportunities to become the best teacher I can be, learning from my mentors at both placement schools and from other teachers in the department.

“I will miss my university days, having the opportunity to catch up with friends from the course and mentors, sharing all the stories we have, whether good or bad, having that constant support has helped a lot. But I’m also very proud. It’s been a very tough but rewarding experience, but I know Worcester has provided me with the best opportunity to start my ECT year at Sir Thomas Rich’s and even though we won’t be going back to university, I know I have made friends for life during the course and we will all stay in contact and support each other on our teacher journeys.”

James said he wanted to become a teacher to make a difference and create opportunities for students, which they may not have access to outside of school. The University of Worcester’s May 2023 Outstanding Ofsted report opens with: “Trainees benefit from an exceptional learning experience at the University of Worcester. This experience instils in them a deep-rooted commitment to making a difference to the lives of the children and young adults in the communities they serve.”

“I chose to study at Worcester, because they don’t just ensure that you become the best teacher you possibly can but offer a wide variety of extra-curricular opportunities to allow you to become a more well-rounded teacher,” James said.

Reflecting on his decision to become a teacher, James added: “I had coached previously at my local rugby and cricket clubs, which had given me the experience of teaching children, therefore I knew it was something I was interested in,” he said. “I’d also had some excellent teachers while I was in school; my Economics teacher during sixth form had such a positive impact on me, leading to me studying Economics at university and I wanted to have that same impact that she had on me.”

The University’s annual autumn Graduation Ceremonies will take place as planned from September 12-14 in the beautiful and historic Worcester Cathedral followed by celebration receptions at the City Campus. No Worcester graduates have been affected by the marking and assessment boycott.

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