Evelin Herbert

Evelin Herbert has graduated with a PGCE in Business with Economics.

Evelin Herbert holding a black dog

“Graduating after a challenging year as a teacher trainee feels uplifting,” said Evelin. “While the course was demanding and I recounted the numerous challenges during the year, I feel extremely proud to have finished and have become a trained teacher. Everyone has been extremely supportive, especially my university tutor, who helped me through everything involving personal matters. I am very thankful for her, and I believe I could not have done my training without the support I received.”

Evelin is now working in an independent boy’s school in South Croydon where she hopes to continue to improve herself by taking on more opportunities which will allow her to take on more responsibilities, such as Head of Department and other pastoral roles. The 27-year-old is originally from Budapest, Hungary, but moved to the UK for her undergraduate degree at another university in 2016. After this, she lived in Hungary for two years before making the move back to the UK to study at Worcester.

During her teacher training, Evelin also juggled two part-time jobs, both in teaching. On weekdays, she would tutor Economics online, preparing my students for their A-level exams. On Sundays, she worked at a tutoring school, tutoring KS3 and KS4 Maths to a wide range of children. “I found my time to be scarce, but it is definitely possible to finish a teacher training, even with part time jobs or family time,” she said.

Evelin chose to study at the University of Worcester because of what the unique course offered, including a great mix of business and economics. She also thought the city of Worcester was lovely with lots of green space around and enjoyed time exploring the Malvern Hills. “While I had lived in the UK before during my bachelor course, this time I had to make my move from Budapest to Worcester completely all on my own, while being responsible for my dog. The two of us had a lovely journey exploring the city and learning new things.”

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