Trish Duncan

When the coronavirus pandemic struck, like many thousands of people Trish Duncan found herself furloughed from her position as a Senior Auditor. With time on her hands, she began to wonder if it was the right time to make a change in her life.

Trish Duncan

Now, Trish graduates from the University of Worcester with a PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education) in Secondary Education.

“Teaching was something I had wanted to do for a very long time, but I enjoyed working for my previous employer and had been lucky enough to enjoy good career progression over my 20 years with them,” she said. “Then the coronavirus hit, and I found myself furloughed and realising that maybe now would be the time to embark on a career that was far more worthwhile.”

Trish began to research her options and with a knowledge of Worcester, decided to make some enquiries.

“The University of Worcester was one of the few universities that offered the chance to train to become a Business Teacher,” she said. “And it also came with a great reputation. So, in June 2020 I found myself having an interview to be accepted on the course.  Luckily, I got accepted, left my job and started studying like mad so I felt ready for my September start.”

Trish, from Gloucester, continued: “I was concerned that my hearing impairment would negatively impact my ability to become a teacher, but I was wrong. The University helped me apply for some extra funding that enabled me to get a microphone and loop system that I could use in my classroom to help me hear my pupils better – even more important when they started wearing masks and I could no longer rely on lip reading them.”

Trish’s university experience came in the midst of the pandemic and while at times challenging, said she has made “many lifelong friends”.

“My business tutor and professional studies tutor were both fantastic,” she said. “I felt very supported at all times and nothing ever felt like too small a problem to discuss. My placements were at Hanley Castle High School and Pershore High School, both of which were fantastic, and I cannot thank them enough for the training and support – especially during a pandemic.”

On Graduation, Trish said: “Graduating feels amazing – this last year has just flown by – and I’m so proud that at 39 I have started on a new path in my life that I absolutely adore. I have no regrets about changing my career. I adore being a teacher and, even more now I am at Highworth Warneford, I feel that I’m exactly where I should be.”

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