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Research and publication highlights

Our research findings are disseminated throughout a number of publications so that our findings and innovative ideas can be developed further by the international research community.

WRaP is an online catalogue of material produced by members of the University and contains details of articles, conference papers, book chapters and publications.

Recent publications

Howard, C & Cooke, V (2014) Practical Ideas for Teaching Primary Science. Cheshire: Critical Publishing.

Howarth, Sue (2014) Society for General Microbiology Poster Travels to Mongolia. Microbiology Today, Feb. ISSN 1350-0872 (In Press)

Bingle, B., Howard, C., & Robinson (2013) Primary School Placements: A Critical Guide to Outstanding Teaching. Cheshire, Critical

Bigger, Stephen (2013) Critical Education about Marriage: Combining Critical Pedagogy and Phronesis for Religious Education. Alternation: Journal of the Centre for the Study of Southern African Literature and Languages. ISSN 1023-1757 (In Press)

Elliott, Geoffrey (2013) Critical Practice Leadership in Post-compulsory Education. Educational Management Administration and Leadership, 41 (6). ISSN 1741-1432

Elliott, Geoffrey (2013) Understanding the Educational Workforce in Post-compulsory Education: Introduction to the Special Issue. Research in Post Compulsory Education, 18 (4). ISSN 1359-6748 (In Press)

Howarth, Sue and Scott, Linda (2013) Success with STEM; Ideas for the classroom, STEM clubs and beyond. Routledge, London and New York. ISBN 9780415822893 (paperback); 9781315880440 (ebk); 9780415822886 (hbk) (In Press)

Howarth, Sue (2013) Ideas for Science / STEM Clubs .....from Books. School Science Review, 95 (350). pp. 20-24.

Robinson, Catriona and Bingle, Branwen and Howard, Colin (2013) Primary school placements: a critical guide to outstanding teaching. Critical publishing. ISBN 978-1909330450

Parker, S.G. (2013) The Future of Religious Education: Prospects and Problems for Religious Education (revisited). Summary Report on a Conference held at the University of Worcester in 2013.Other. University of Worcester. (Unpublished)

Howarth, Sue (2013) Creating a Buzz Around School (Editorial). School Science Review, 94 (349). p. 18.

Elliott, Geoffrey (2013) Character and Impact of Social Innovation in Higher Education. International Journal of Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning, 5 (2). ISSN 1997-7034 (In Press)

Howarth, Sue and Scott, Linda (2013) A Treasure Trove of Science Activities (editorial). School Science Review, 95 (348). p. 16.

Howarth, Sue (2013) The Mayflies of Europe; Book Review. The Biologist, 60 (1). p. 36.

Howarth, Sue and Collins, Philip (2013) Crazy Ideas in Secondary Science Teaching That Work. In: Association for Science Education annual conference, 2-5 January 2013, University of Reading.

Taylor, Kathleen and Woolley, Richard, eds. (2013) Values and Vision in Primary Education. Open University Press, Maidenhead. (In Press)

Bigger, Stephen (2013) Animism in Rainforest and Tundra: Personhood, Animals, Plants and Things in Contemporary Amazonia and Siberia (Book Review). Journal of Beliefs and Values. ISSN 1361-7672 (In Press)

Bigger, Stephen (2013) Anthropology and the Biblical Exile. Journal of Beliefs and Values. ISSN 1361-7672 (In Press)

Bigger, Stephen (2013) Bakhtinian Pedagogy: Opportunities and Challenges for Research, Policy and Practice in Education Across the Globe (Book Review). Dialogic Pedagogy International Online Journal.

Garrett, Caro and Tas, Maarten and Twidle, John and Warhurst, Adrian and Howarth, Sue and Clarke, Julian and King, Chris (2013) Proposals for Devising a Programme for the Early Career Development of Science Teachers From Initial Training Onward. School Science Review. (Submitted)

Howard, Colin (2013) The Influence of New School Buildings Upon the Motivation, Morale and Job Satisfaction of Their Teaching Staff. PhD thesis, University of Birmingham.

Howard, Colin (2013) The Influence of New School Buildings upon the Motivation Morale and Job Satisfaction of Teaching Professionals. Proceeding of the 11th Annual Conference School of Education Research Conference: University of Birmingham. I. ISSN 9780704428317