University Recognises Students’ Outstanding Academic Achievement

The University has awarded 173 students with a £1,000 scholarship for outstanding academic achievement throughout the 2019/20 academic year, including five scholarships for former Halesowen College students who went on to study at the University.  The scholarships were earned despite the unprecedented circumstances created by the global pandemic.

Among those to have achieved this in their studies are a number from Worcester.

For Debbie Andrews it is the second time she’s received a scholarship in her Business, Economics and Finance degree, having also received one at the end of her first year. “I am really pleased that the University has recognised my achievement and the excellent results I recorded in my second year,” she said.

Chloe Glover, 21, of Fernhill Heath, Worcester is studying Business and Human Resources Management. The third-year student said: “It has made me even more motivated in my third and final year to carry on the success and attaining high grades.  This has been such a strange, difficult and overwhelming year for everyone.  In reflection, my achievements despite what has been going on in the world, has been one of my best years to date.”

Third year student Selena Clinton is studying Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations. “I am still in shock but thrilled”, said the 23-year-old, of Norton, who returned to studying as she wanted a career change. “Studying during a pandemic is a lot harder than people think, as you are continuously working with no free time to see friends and family because of the current restrictions,” she said.  “It has felt tough at times to focus on the end goal of a degree.”  But she said thanks to support from lecturers and friends she had managed to stay on track.

Tom Mably, 21, of Fernhill Heath, is in the third year studying Computing. “I am delighted,” said the former Christopher Whitehead Language College and Sixth Form pupil.  “Throughout last year I was particularly focussed on my studies as a means of getting through what has been a tough period for everyone.”

Sannah Ishfaq, 19, is in the second year, studying Business and Finance and will use the scholarship to continue her studies. “The experience of studying during the pandemic has been difficult because of teaching moving to online but the support received from the teaching staff has been amazing with extra drop in session to help with assignments and posting FAQs to do with assignments etc, helping us students to perform the best we can,” she said.

Scarlett Payne, of Pirton, a former King’s School pupil, is studying Human Nutrition. “I feel overjoyed to have achieved an Academic Scholarship and I will save it to put towards buying a house upon graduation,” said the 24-year-old, who is in her second year and is continuing her education while running a small yoga business.

Anastasia Kennett, 35, of Whittington, in the third year of a Special Educational Needs, Disabilities, and Inclusion degree, said she was delighted. “As a mature student with two children with additional needs, I had to navigate the time I was able to study alongside the needs of my children which often meant studying whilst they were sleeping,” she said. “I had to battle against my own lack of motivation, writer’s block and procrastination just to get words down on paper.  I persevered and became very comfortable with the balancing of my resilience and motivation.  Staff at the University of Worcester were very encouraging and supportive as always but more so during this time.”

Twenty-six-year-old Hannah Glazzard, of Bevere, returned to education having worked for several years after leaving school and is studying Biology. She chose Worcester as she had heard good reviews for the sciences.  Describing her current studies, she said: “The online lectures are really good and having that recording to go back to later is very handy. The lecturers are being very patient with all our e-mails about timetables and questions.”

University of Worcester Deputy Vice Chancellor and Provost, Professor Sarah Greer, said: “We are very proud of each and every student who earned an Academic Scholarship or prize this year, particularly given the unprecedented circumstances of the last year. Despite the challenges they have been faced with during the pandemic, these students have proved their commitment to their studies, and we hope this award will inspire them to further academic success. 

“These scholarships and prizes will demonstrate to potential employers the outstanding achievements of our students, as well as providing welcome practical financial support and encouragement for the recipients.  The scholarships and prizes are supported by generous philanthropists, including the University’s distinguished Honorary Fellows, local employers, and many successful graduates of the University. We are so grateful to all our benefactors, whose generosity makes such a difference to the lives of our students.”