Ryan Baxter

Software Development at Aspenify

At Aspenify, we are currently looking into two projects that the development team can work on: 1) redesigning the Aspenify website, and 2) integrating SharePoint functionalities into the employee dashboard. These are just two projects we are working on, with many more to come in the new year. 

Springboard is a great way for students to get involved in an industry they are passionate about and apply what they’ve learned within a professional environment. It also provides you with the opportunity to learn new skill sets that are desirable within your chosen industry. 

I think this opportunity will benefit me in my future career because it is giving me invaluable experience into an industry I am passionate about. From learning new programming languages, to experiencing employee life at Aspenify, this opportunity is the benchmark that I need to jumpstart my future career. At this stage, the sky’s the limit, and we can only expect greater things to arise from this experience as time goes on.