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We advocate gender equity in all areas of the sport and exercise domain.


WISE Research Interest Group

Women's wheelchair basketball match

The Women in Sport and Exercise (WISE) Research Interest Group is an integral part of the W.I.S.E. initiative the set up by the University of Worcester.

The overall aim of this R.I.G. is to undertake interdisciplinary research that examines women and girls in a sport, exercise and physical activity context. We focus on issues from a psychological, physiological, sociological, and pedagogical perspective, such as:

  • Women's Lifelong Participation & Engagement in Physical Activity, Exercise and Sport; 
  • The Development of Female Professionals in Sport, Exercise & Physical Activity;
  •  Environmental Factors in Women's Sport, Exercise & Physical Activity;
  •  Women in Sport Performance; 
  • Perceptions of Women in Sport & Exercise.

Get involved

If you'd like to get involved in any of our current research projects, or have your own ideas about WISE topics you'd like to investigate, please WISE@worc.ac.uk.