Membership options

Price list


If you are a student living in University halls of residence, or University managed accommodation, you qualify for inclusive gym membership! Its free once you complete your gym induction and screening form. Please follow the ‘How to Join the Gym’ instructions below, and we look forward to welcoming you in the gym shortly.  


We offer a range of memberships to suit everyone, please see below (all prices are per month, unless otherwise stated):

  • UW student (non-resident) - £50 per semester (£10 per month equivalent)
  • Student summer rate (2months membership) - £20
  • Staff & Associate Staff - £20.00
  • Community membership (gym only) – £22.55
  • Corporate membership - £20
  • 60+ (gym only, exercise only, or adapted sports only) - £22.55
  • 60+ (gym, exercise & adapted sports) – £31.00
  • One off Guest Pass / Personal Trainer Client Fee external (per hour) - £6
  • UW Personal Training Session & programme design (per hour appointment) - £20
  • Gym Class or SPAAS Senior Adapted Sport Class - £3.50    


A corporate membership is available for companies employing as few as 6 employees, and our staff are pleased to tailor a package designed to suit your specific needs.

We provide a range of fitness training services that includes:

  • Exercise programmes - £20
  • UW Personal Training - £20 per 1hr session 

Classes are priced at £3.50 per session for all (members & non-members), except for 60+ (exercise class only) & 60+ full members (classes are included in these memberships).



How to join the gym


Sign up through the Fitness Membership link on your MyDay Page and declare you have viewed the Gym Membership induction video as below. 


Sign up through the Fitness Membership icon on your staff home page and declare you have viewed the Gym Membership induction video as below.


Once signed up, UW student & staff you are eligible to sign up for UNIversal gym membership using the information below.

BUCS UNIversal gym membership

This provides free access to UK wide University gyms, for all students & members of staff who currently hold gym membership at universities that participate in the BUCS UNIversal gym scheme.  

For further detail & how-to sign-up, use one of the following:

  • UW students & staff
  • Non-UW students & staff

University of Worcester students & staff

You can apply for a UNIversal Gym Membership:


You can book a UNIversal Gym session:

  • Log into BUCS Play with your existing account.
  • Click the search button at the top of the screen
  • Change the search option to “Gym Sessions”
  • Search for your location and distance willing to travel
  • Follow the booking flow for the facility you would like to attend


Download the BUCS play app to a mobile device, from either the Google Play store or Apple store.

You can use the following help videos to guide you through how to apply for BUCS UNIversal gym membership & book sessions.

How to apply (video)

How to book sessions (video)

Non-University of Worcester students & university staff

To book sessions at the University of Worcester Riverside Centre, use the following link to complete the UW registration form



Sign up by downloading and completing:       

In addition, you should declare that you have viewed the Gym Membership induction YouTube video (as below) or at the Riverside Centre before your first use of the facilities. You can opt out of a full gym induction by completing the induction waiver and include this with your application when you bring this with you to the fitness centre.  

Alternatively, you can book in for a full gym induction by contacting us at 

Bring the completed forms into the centre to process your application. 

SPAAS programme 

The Senior Physical Activity & Adapted Sport (SPAAS) programme provides a mixture of exercise, sport and physical activity sessions. Offered on a weekly basis to those aged over 60 living in Worcester and the surrounding areas.