Trigger Warning: These pages may contain explicit language, adult themes and content that people may find upsetting. All views expressed in this blog are the artist's own and do not represent the views, policies or opinions of the University of Worcester or any of its partners.

Voices of Colour is a page created to showcase the voices of students from Black, Asian or minority ethnic backgrounds, whose creativity and unique experiences are often under represented within art and literature. The School of Humanities are thrilled to provide a place to promote art and offer students a channel to publish their work.

This project enables students to showcase work that explores identity and experience. It also offers a unique perspective of both the person’s past and present, alongside future hopes and ambitions. Literature and Art have the power to resonate with diverse groups of people and promote cultural exchange and dialogue, giving you the chance to understand the unique experiences of the creators.

A poetry book is sitting on a bed of leaves

Understanding the differences and difficulties that underrepresented people face on a day to day basis is the first step in creating positive change for the future and, although this is just the beginning, we are looking forward to seeing how this project will grow.

The University of Worcester is passionate about sharing the work of its students, and promoting opportunities for artists of colour to express themselves through, but not limited to, mediums of poetry and prose.

Student showcase

We hope that by promoting the amazing expression of our students, this will help to generate conversations, and inspire understanding and appreciation of all of the diverse aspects of the student community of Worcester.

For more information on representation and activities that the University of Worcester has to offer, you can look at the inclusive groups at the Students' Union, including the the Networks and Societies, and what the university staff have to say on the University Academic Blog