Trigger Warning: These pages may contain explicit language, adult themes and content that people may find upsetting. All views expressed in this blog are the Artist's own and do not represent the views, policies or opinions of the University of Worcester or any of its partners.

This project enables students to showcase work that explores identity and experience. It also offers a unique perspective of both the person’s past and present, alongside future hopes and ambitions. Literature and Art have the power to resonate with diverse groups of people and promote cultural exchange and dialogue, giving you the chance to understand the unique experiences of the creators.

Parise Sayles 

My name is Parise Sayles, and I’m a 20 year old black Caribbean female currently studying Screenwriting and Creative Writing at the University of Worcester. After I finish my final year I want to pursue a career in screenwriting, writing for tv, films and anywhere I can express my creativity.

My chosen poem “Fake Gratitude” was originally a poem I wrote about being stuck in a toxic relationship and finally being able to escape. I adapted this piece to express the oppression the black community have faced over many years. The focus is about trying to fight for freedom in a society that constantly discriminates because of your skin colour. The message is that no matter what struggles black people face, we won’t give up till our lives matter in the eyes of hate. The title reflects how many can be fake, and act supportive but their true views eventually come to light. We’re not thankful for those who claim they understand, but don’t want to fight for our rights with us

Fake Gratitude by Parise Sayles 

Mars Dafaalla

Mars Dafaalla is a multi-ethnic, 26 year old writer born and raised in Worcester. Currently in his second year of studying Screenwriting and Creative Writing, Mars hopes to go on to write a wide range of pieces - script, poetry, prose, informative etc.

His poem "Snow" was largely written the day after his younger brother's suicide attempt. "Snow" is his attempt to explore and connect to his brother's situation, feelings and decisions that night.

Snow by Dafaalla

Roberto Chander

Roberto is a third-year Creative Writing student at the University of Worcester.

Roberto has blended the multiform writing skills learned from the Creative Writing course into a powerful speech that questions the prejudices a person of colour faces within the LGBTQ+ community.

A Glimpse by Roberto Chander

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