University taster days

Taster days are designed for students who are thinking about studying at the University of Worcester
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We offer a range of taster days from subject specific days to general university life taster days, with an emphasis on what to expect from the University of Worcester.

Top tips for your students who are attending a Taster Day

  • Students don’t have to be an expert or have any prior experience in the subject     
  • Students can state that they have attended a taster day in their personal statement, this is a great way to show they have researched the university in more detail      
  • The students are able visit the campus and learn more about what we have to offer       
  • Remind them to bring a packed lunch or money to spend at the cafes on campus


If you would like to book on to a university Taster Day, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page or visit the booking page here.  



Business School, virtual taster event - Exploring the dark side of leadership

Tuesday, 11th May 2021 

Have you ever wondered why some people become leaders when they seem so unsuited to the task? Why do we have so many examples of poor and unethical leadership in recent history? In this talk we will explore the dark side of leadership including how individuals with dark side traits gain leadership positions and what the impact of dark leaders is on employees, organisations, and wider society. Join us to explore this fascinating side of leadership. At the end of the talk, we will be discussing our business courses and there will also be an opportunity to participate in a question-and-answer session, so please bring questions with you. 

To book your place, please visit the booking page here.                  



6pm – 6.05pm

Welcome to Worcester Business School

6.05pm – 6.30pm

Talk – Exploring the Dark Side of Leadership

6.30pm – 6.45pm

Course Talk and Q&A with Senior Lecturer Dr Holly Andrews



Business School, Accounting and Finance, virtual taster event: Taxation – There is nothing to fear!

Wednesday 12th May 2021 

An important part of an accountant’s role is a working knowledge of the taxation system in the UK. Taxation has an impact on most business decisions, whether made by self-employed individuals or large multi-national corporations. Understanding and appreciating the taxation consequence of these decisions is a vital part of an accountants role. 

This taster session will take the form of a short quiz and discussion providing a brief introduction to the complexities of the UK taxation system.

 To book your place, please visit the booking page here.             



6pm – 6.05pm

Welcome and introduction to Accounting and Finance at Worcester

6.05pm – 6.30pm

Quiz & Talk – Introduction to the UK Taxation system

6.30pm – 6.45pm

Q&A with Course Leader Steph Tiller


Business School, virtual taster event – Consumer anxiety during Covid-19

Thursday 13th May 2021 at 6pm 

How comfortable do you feel as a consumer, and how has Covid-19 changed that? This talk will explore consumer anxiety, with a particular look at howCovid-19 has created additional anxieties for us and how this has changed our shopping behaviour. At the end of the talk, we will be discussing our marketing courses and there will also be an opportunity to participate in a question-and-answer session with lecturers, so please bring questions with you. 

 To book your place, please visit the booking page here.    



6:00 – 6:05

Welcome to Worcester Business School

6:05 – 6:30

Talk - Consumer anxiety during Covid-19

6:30 – 6:45

Course Talk and Q&A with Dr Helen Watts


Nursing - Virtual Taster event series   

Our online ‘Introduction to Studying Nursing’ event series is suitable for anyone who is considering a career in Nursing (Adult, Mental Health and Children’s) at Worcester University. It will be a great opportunity to hear and talk to our nursing lecturers and our current students to help you learn more about our Adult, Child and Mental Health nursing, and nursing associate programmes.

The  events are due to take place on the following dates at 5.00pm to 7.00pm and you can book your place here

  • 27/05/21
  • 22/06/21

Psychology - Virtual Taster event

Researchers from the University of Worcester discuss the impact of living with long term physical and mental health conditions

Tuesday, 15th June, 1.00pm to 2.30pm  - To book your place, please visit the booking page

This webinar brings together researchers from the Interpersonal Relationships & Wellbeing Research Group and Bipolar Disorder Research Network (BDRN) at the University of Worcester, to discuss research which seeks to understand the impact of living with long term physical and mental health conditions. We present four short talks exploring the experience of individuals who have lived with inflammatory bowel disease, breast cancer and bipolar disorder. Listening to personal stories allows us to better understand the complexities of living with enduring health difficulties.

Dr Bérénice Mahoney: Living with breast reconstruction failure among women with breast cancer

Dr Mahoney will present findings from her research with NHS colleagues from across England that has explored the experiences of women with breast cancer whose immediate breast reconstruction following mastectomy has failed. This surgery is the most common type of reconstruction conducted in the country but has a 1 in 10 failure rate. The webinar will focus on women's accounts of their experiences from diagnosis to reconstruction failure and recovery, and how we can use the perspectives of these women to improve the care they receive.

Dr Kate Muse: A feeling of otherness: Understanding the experience of stigma in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Dr Muse works in collaboration with Dr Annabel David from Children’s Psychological Medicine at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Their work examines the adverse impacts of health-related stigma in people with gastrointestinal disorders. This talk will present findings from a narrative review of literature exploring the experience of stigma in individuals with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Drawing on a broad range of first-hand accounts, the talk seeks to understand what it is like to experience direct or anticipated social judgements based on having a diagnosis of IBD.

Dr Katherine Gordon-Smith: “Have I argued with my family this week?”: What questions do those with lived experience choose to monitor their bipolar disorder?

Dr Gordon-Smith is a member of the Bipolar Disorder Research Network (BDRN), a group of researchers, clinicians and research participants in the UK involved in investigating the underlying causes of bipolar disorder. BDRN has recruited over 7000 participants to the research programme to date. Over 1000 BDRN participants are also engaged with True Colours an electronic mood monitoring tool which, in addition to monitoring mood symptoms, offers participants the option to create and complete additional personalised questions. This has offered a unique opportunity to capture and gain a deeper insight into patient priorities in this context. This talk will focus on the main themes that have emerged from analysis of the content of the personalised questions those with lived experience of bipolar disorder choose to monitor in relation to their bipolar disorder.

Emma Radclyffe: Exploring the experiences of individuals with bipolar disorder diagnosed with borderline personality disorder


Sociology, and Sociology with Politics Virtual Lecture Series

The Winter/Spring lecture series brings together insights from across our Sociology and Sociology with Politics courses at the University of Worcester, with lectures that are both entry-level and research specific. These public facing lectures are open to school, college, and university students, applicants, fellow academics, and members of the public, so please do come along and get involved.

The lecture series takes place in our virtual classroom. Depending on your preference, you can either sit back and enjoy the lecture, or get involved at the end when there will be time for Q & A and sharing of ideas.

The lectures will take place on Wednesdays at 6.00pm to 6.45pm and to book your place at any of the events, please visit the booking page here.




20 January 2021

Sigmund Freud and the Paranormal 

Dr Luke Devine

27 January 2021

The Sociology of the Late-Victorian Vampire

Kathryn Devine

3 February 2021

Plato, Political Sociology, and the Ideal Polis

Dr Luke Devine

10 February 2021

Darwin, Social Darwinism, and the Political Sociology of 'Race' and its Legacy

Dr Luke Devine

17 February 2021

Digital Activism: Can It Change the World?

Holly Barnes-Bennetts

10 March 2021

Rapid Social Change in Every Area of Life: Spectacular Insights from Sociology

Mike Webb

17 March 2021

The Sociology of the Revolutionary between Luxemburg and Lenin

Dr Luke Devine

31 March 2021

The Sociological Imagination Today

Simon Hardy

14 April 2021

The Coronavirus Crisis through the Lens of Foucault's 'Medical Gaze'

Dr Luke Devine

28 April 2021

Pre-Raphaelite Art and First-Wave Feminism

Dr Luke Devine

5 May 2021

The Politics of Jack the Ripper

Kathryn Devine

19 May 2021

Westminster, First-Past-the-Post and 'Representative' Politics

Dr Luke Devine




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