Our speakers' presentations and papers'

Welcome From Professor Sarah Greer

Paper Panel: Accountability, Representation and Responsiveness 

Conor McCormick - The UK Law Officer Regime, Constitutional Legitimacy, and Questions of Accountability.   

Sonia Cruz Dávila - Parliamentarism or Presidentialism: Does It Make a Difference (for the Accountability of the Executive Power)? 

Libby Maman - The Democratic Qualities of Regulatory Agencies: A Conceptual Framework and Indicators

Sofiya Kartalova - The Gordian Knot between Originator Control and EU Intelligence Oversight: Insights from Coopetition Theory

Leva Daniela Beinarovica - Accountability and Procurement During the First Wave of the Covid-19 Pandemic: The Latvian Experience

Paulino, Rothberg and Christofoletti - Authoritarian populism and illiberal turn against accountability in Brazil

Jack Clayton - Neoclassical Realism and the Relationship between Accountability and Public Opinion: US Foreign Policymaking in relation to the Afghanistan Military Intervention and Withdrawal

Sue Farran - In a Plural Legal System who is Accountable to Whom? The Case of Samoa.  

Professor Lorna Woods OBE, University of Essex, Dr Lawrence McNamara, University of York, and Dr Judith Townend, University of Sussex - Executive Accountability and National Security

Genki Kimura, University of Oxford - Towards persuasive accountability; accountability in post-truth era

Domenico Carolei - An International Ombudsman to make Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) more accountable? Too good to be true.

Piotr Mikuli - Disciplinary liability of judges and the independence of the judiciary in comparative constitutional law

Bill Morcom (Associate Member of the Constitutions, Rights and Justice special research interest group): The Problematic Nature of Technology and Accountability in the Modern State

Doug Wotherspoon - Corporate Accountability Reappraised and Reinvigorated. 

Isofif Kovras - Technologies of Justice: Accountability after Atrocity. 

Fred Motson - The "accountability deficit" in sortition: is it a problem and what is the solution?

Lord Neuberger, Lord Blunkett and Prof Margit Cohn

Prof John Keane

Dr Hannah White, De Se-Shauna Wheatle, Prof Vernon Bogdanor and Prof Bruce Ackerman

Keynote Lectures by Professor Alison Young and Professor Jonathan Slater.

Keynote Lecture by Professor Tom Ginsburg on Impeachment and Disqualification

Judicial Review and Accountability Panel Discussion (Baroness Hale, Baroness Helena Kennedy QC, Lord David Blunkett, Professor Conor Gearty and David Lock QC)

Presidential Impeachment and Accountability Panel Discussion (Karen Popp, Frank Bowman, Richard Albert, Joshua Matz and Chris Monaghan)