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Worcestershire Meeting Centres Community Support Programme

In January 2020, Worcestershire County Council (WCC) announced that it was providing funding of up to £540,000 from the County’s Business Rates Retention Pilot (see press release) to support the setting up and running of Meeting Centres across the whole of Worcestershire for the benefit of Worcestershire citizens.

Earlier in 2020/21, due to the prioritising the response to Coronavirus, it was decided to delay the launch of the Programme but the Programme is now open to receiving applications for funding to support the creation of new Meeting Centres across Worcestershire.

The application form, together with a number of supporting documents can be accessed here:

Before completing the application form you should carefully read the Guidance document containing definitions of some of the terminology used and details about the application process.

All applications MUST be completed using this online form but we have also provided a pdf copy of the form so you can view/download this to find out what information you will be asked to provide. This will help you to plan your application before starting the online form. You will find that on the online form there is limited space for each answer, so please keep your responses short and relevant. You will also need to provide financial forecasts and a template is also on the website. 

In your application you will need to show how the Meeting Centre you are planning to open will meet the 'Essential Features of a Meeting Centre' so a copy of this booklet can also be accessed. You may also want to look at other information about Meeting Centres on this page and other resources here.

We are also offering training for staff and volunteers, details of which can be found here . If anyone from your team is interested in attending one of these courses please email so we can discuss your requirements, numbers etc and provide you with booking information.


***Update: Please note that the deadline for applications for the Worcestershire Meeting Centres Community Support Programme has been extended to the 28th February 2022. Any new Meeting Centre will need to have opened by 30th June 2022. Please see the table below for more information about dates***

Applications can be submitted at any time up to 28th February 2022 but the table below shows the latest dates which applications must be submitted by to enable them to be assessed and presented to an Assessment Panel comprising staff from the University of Worcester Association for Dementia Studies and the Worcestershire County Council Adult Social Care and Public Health teams with an Independent Chair. The Panel dates set are as follows: 

Closing dates for applications to be submitted

Panel meetings

Panel decisions notified by

31/12/20 (extended to 8 January 2021)















 Please email us at if you have any questions about the Programme and the application process.

Funding approved

Funding for three applications was approved at a meeting of the Assessment Panel on 29 January 2021 - further details can be found here.

Funding for another Meeting Centre in Evesham was approved at a meeting of the Assessment Panel on 30 April 2021. Further details can be found here.

Funding for two Meeting Centres in Kidderminster and Stourport was approved at the 30 July 2021 Assessment Panel. Further details can be found here.

Contact details for all of the Meeting Centres in Worcestershire can be found here.