Publications and knowledge exchange

If you would like to find out more about our various publications and knowledge exchange activities, please see the relevant sections below. We will update the information here every few months.

We've also added a new section on some of the resources that are developed as part of our research.



Assura, Designing for Everyone environmental assessment toolkit for primary care premises

The suite of tools, which includes easy read versions, is available free to download via the Dimensions website.

CHARM manual to help care homes conduct research

The CHARM Framework Manual and an associated library of resources are available here.

DemECH booklets about extra care housing

Three booklets have been developed to provide key insights from this research project, and are aimed at different audiences:

Environmental assessment tools

A suite of assessment tools and related resources relating to making your home and garden dementia friendly, as well as a guide for making village halls dementia friendly, can be found here.

Get Real with Meeting Centres

All of the booklets and videos of the research findings can be found here.

Meeting Centres

The following two videos indicate what Meeting Centres are, focusing on two different audiences:

Additional Meeting Centre resources can also be found here.


The following resources have been produced as a result of the project and are available to use:

SCIDem booklets about sustainable community initiatives

We have produced three booklets aimed at different audiences that outline what was found in the SCI-Dem review, which can be downloaded here:

Journal articles

To date, we have authored or co-authored over 170 journal articles. A full list is available.

Conference and event presentations

We have presented at over 630 conferences and events since 2009 and a full list is available.


Over 60 posters of our work have been displayed at conferences and events. See the full list for more information.

Books, book chapters and reviews

We've done our fair share of writing and reviewing books and book chapters, and you can find out more by seeing the full list.


In addition to project reports and outputs, we often have input to a wide range of external reports. A full list is available.

Blogs and podcasts

As well as writing for our own blogs on ADS, Meeting Centres and SCI-Dem, we also write for other blogs or produce podcasts. You can find out more from our full list.