Student Testimonials

Corey Eskin – Outdoor Adventure and Leadership Management – spent a semester abroad at the University of Minnesota Duluth, USA 

Studying abroad not only helped me to meet so many amazing people but I also gained a wider understanding of the industry I am looking at going into. I highly recommend everyone to study abroad if they have the chance to, it is an experience I will never forget. 


 The Study Abroad program gave me a chance to get connected with people from Japan and an opportunity to witness and learn about their culture first hand. It has allowed me to realise that life isn’t the same everywhere and that it is very worth experiencing different cultures so that you can get a different perspective on how to approach life. I also hope to work and live there for a period of time. So, this was a great way to expose myself to their elements to make the decision of whether to go there or not for longer.

Rodrigo Leitao Costa – Game Arts – spent his Third Year Abroad at Nagoya Foreign Studies University, Japan


Elizabeth Payne – Graphic Design – Spent a semester abroad at Bishop’s University, Canada 

I am at the end of my semester abroad and I am looking forward to seeing my family and my pets but I’m going to miss Bishop’s University so much. It’s amazing here and Canada is so beautiful, and I learnt so much. I went from not having a clue how to use a camera to take some really amazing photos. I learnt to sketch better than ever and even how to paint. And I met so many amazing people and went to a country I’ve only dreamed of visiting. 


My number one aim when I had decided I wished to study at Brock living in Canada for the full academic year, was to integrate with Canadian life in more or less every way I could, which is what I wanted more than anything. By going to somewhere that once might have been like a fantasy you wanted to experience it provides you with the greatest feeling throughout your time abroad. Before you were to even get off the plane at the destination in which you wish to study abroad in general, it is a long road ahead and process that lasts months, from getting all the right paperwork to choosing your courses, arranging flights, hotels, transport, luggage and to always have that determination whilst you are living abroad to endure anything you will face as you will do so by yourself as a fully independent adult. However, whilst that can seem daunting and even scary, if it is something you really, really want to experience and you're committed to it 100%, it will all be worth it in the end, as it has been for me. Studying abroad truly is the opportunity and experience of a lifetime!

Daniel Meek – History – spent his Third Year Abroad at Brock University, Canada

Harry Palmer – Biomedical Sciences –  spent his Third Year Abroad at Ibaraki University, Japan 

I chose to study abroad because I really wanted to experience another culture and gain a unique experience whilst the opportunity was available to me. This experience so far has changed me a lot. I have found myself to be more confident in myself as I am challenged daily to use a language, I am not very good at but I have not shied away from trying it. I have also become more carefree, I used to worry about trying new things and getting out of my confidence zone, but I have come to realise that there is no need to worry about things as everything turns out better than I expect and that I have an amazing time. 


One of the reasons behind me choosing the United States of America was because I wanted to have the opportunity to meet new people with different cultures and learn about their backgrounds. I did do a lot of internal travel whilst there, mainly with friends, as in, we were planning a trip somewhere almost every month. We wanted to take advantage of our time in America and to be able to go to all those places that most of us only saw in movies. I believe that this experience has made me see things differently when it comes to the people that live in America, how they act, what they stad for, what they believe in, and has made me understand some of the societal problems they have, that I’ve only been able to see online until now, and never fully understood that problems like that could exist and people have to struggle with them every day. It has made me more compassionate and understanding.

Alexandra-Eliza Jurca – Joint Animation and Film Production – spent her Third Year Abroad at New Jersey City University, USA


Megan Bailey – Graphic Design –  spent her Third Year Abroad at the Universidade Europeia, Portugal 

There are so many reasons I wanted to do a year abroad. I wanted to improve my skills before my final year at Worcester and take this opportunity to see my possibilities after graduating. The best part was meeting students from other countries, and we had themed dinner nights to try each other’s culture and food. This experience has changed me so much for the better. I’m more confident socially and in my skillset which I can apply to my course. I’ve made friends for life who I can’t wait to see again and feel more involved in a global community.    

Everyone can study abroad  but be that person who does it!  




Eimantas Mancauskas – International Business Management – spent his Third Year Abroad at Trier University, Germany 

The study abroad program offers a great insight into variety of cultures, for me personally this has allowed to build a big family with people all over the world and feel connected their cultures to some extent. ! Not only does this program open new horizons with people you would have never thought you've meet but also has great added value for your employability. Studying in Trier is wonderful as it opens so many opportunities to meet differently cultured people, allowing for one to be part of a big international family. 



Olivia Hardiman – Law –  spent her Third Year Abroad at the University of Turku, Finland 

My year abroad has been authentically, culturally enriching. To adventure, to build an international network, to be academically challenged and to live differently, were my top reasons to study abroad. Now at the end of it, I definitely possess a more global mindset. My personal focus is currently on promoting international cooperation back home and academically, on international legal challenges and their implications for people.