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Screenwriting degrees

Our Screenwriting programmes nurture your love of story and aims to develop your skills as a writer and media practitioner for the 21st century.

The courses provide creative, challenging approaches to writing for the screen and performance – from initial conception to production. You are taught by lecturers with both academic and professional, industry backgrounds who are well placed to offer you expert advice and to support your development of original writing. The course provides you with many opportunities to network with industry contacts, supporting your developing understanding of how your writing skills are transferable to employment within the media industries.

Modules on craft and developing your ‘voice’ as a writer in your first year lead to modules on creativity and collaboration across a range of media in your second; your third year focuses on developing your portfolio of original work to a high level of professionalism. You can realise your work in production making use of the University’s Drama Studios and its Digital Arts Centre (including the Centre’s edit suites, a newly refurbished TV studio and a sound recording studio).

You are also supported to gain opportunities offered by scriptwriting competitions, by relevant regional festivals (Worcester Literary Festival & Fringe, Birmingham Literature Festival) and by national organisations such as BAFTA. All of these are vital to your development of critical and creative approaches to your writing. Course focus, overall, is on nurturing your original voice and approach to writing – through acquisition of scriptwriting techniques, industry awareness, production experience and engagement with prospective employers.

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Screenwriting degrees

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