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Optimise and secure your IT systems

Do you want to investigate how consumers/employees will adopt or interact with a new system? Depending on your needs and budget, we offer bespoke courses, research, training and consultancy.

Bespoke courses

Would your IT people benefit from a qualification in Usability, or Cyber Security? Let us work with you to develop a bespoke course, allowing your people to develop the skills they need and perhaps receive an executive qualification.

Research and consultancy

Is there something you would like to research? Let us conduct a bespoke research project for you to help you gain objective insights and develop practical solutions to your IT systems. Let us conduct survey/observational research to investigate the usability of your systems. Do you have concerns about the ‘hackability’ of your infrastructure? Let us test the security of your systems and assess the level of threat. Maybe you would like some expert advice? Our experts in the Business School also offer consultancy to help you make the best decisions for your business.

Unique areas of specialism

Within WBS, we have unique practical expertise in areas including systems modelling (Dr Joy Garfield) and interactive intelligent systems (Dr Chris Bowers). We also have a research group dedicated to the Digital Economy.