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Student Physiotherapy Clinic

Student Physiotherapy Clinic

Two students leading a neurological exercise group with people sat on chairs positioned in a circle shape.

Physiotherapy helps restore movement and function following illness, injury or disability.

Taking a holistic approach, physiotherapist may use:

  • Education and advice to improve well-being and decrease the risk of injury and pain, and to improve functional activities;
  • Tailored exercise programmes designed individually to address any specific issues identified in the assessment;
  • Manual therapy whereby the physiotherapist uses their hands to help relieve pain and stiffness, and to encourage better movement through massage, manipulation and facilitation.

The clinic offers physiotherapy assessment, treatment and exercise prescription for a variety of conditions, including:

  • Back pain, sports injury, arthritis or other general musculoskeletal problems;
  • Long-term neurological conditions, including the management of stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsonís Disease, and spinal cord injury;
  • Management of other long-term conditions such as chronic fatigue and cardio-respiratory disorders.

The students also run an inclusive neurological exercise group that provides a mix of cardio-vascular exercise, balance work, and strength and conditioning. The group is open to any long-term neurological condition, at any point of diagnosis. The group runs on Monday afternoons 1.30-3pm. To complement their clinical work, the students work in partnerships with other third party organisations to provide student-led physiotherapeutic input in community settings

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