Share Your Memories of St Wulstan's Hospital with University of Worcester Archaeology Students

Archaeology staff and students from the University of Worcester will be carrying out a special survey at St Wulstan’s Nature Reserve in Malvern next week in a bid to dig into the site’s history.

Members of the public are encouraged to join the staff and students, on Monday, March 12, to share their memories of the site, which was once occupied by a hospital, or to talk about how they use it now.

St Wulstan’s Nature Reserve, which is owned and managed by Worcestershire County Council, is hidden away on the edge of Malvern Wells and covers 22 hectares. It was turned into a nature reserve in the late 1980s, when the renowned St Wulstan’s Hospital was demolished.

Archaeology lecturer Dr Andrew Hoaen said: “We are visiting the nature reserve on Monday, March 12, with around 25 Archaeology and Heritage Studies students, to carry out a preliminary survey of the site, looking for clues about its history. We would love for members of the public to come along throughout the day and talk to us about what they know of the site or even just about why they like using the nature reserve now.”

The survey will build on previous archive projects carried out on the nature reserve and findings will be shared through the Local History Network.

“This is a great project for our first year students,” said Dr Hoaen. “It gets them thinking about the history of a site like this, looking for clues and also, hopefully, the opportunity to document people’s memories.”

The staff and students will be at the nature reserve from 10am to 5pm.