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School improvement and leadership development

School improvement and leadership development

At the University of Worcester we can help you with school improvement and leadership development at all levels across an organisation, cluster network or within collaborations.

Building connections

Central to our work is the concept of bringing together like minded leaders around themes of mutual interest.

We use high-quality external facilitation to underpin the concept of a 'learning conversation'. Our work is built on research and enquiry; we engage with best/next practice at national and international levels, over a sustained and planned period of time.

Educators from South Korea visit the University of Worcester's Hive Library

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By striving to raise performance, we build capacity and enrich the growth of every participant in order to improve the outcomes of the organisation within which the individual leaders work. We profile the learning outcomes through connecting with our extensive range of national and international networks, and communities of learning in this significant period of education reform.

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To find out more about how the University of Worcester can assist you in your leadership development please contact the School Improvement Team