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Latest research and publications

Publications impact

Our research findings are disseminated throughout a number of publications so that our findings and innovative ideas can be developed further by the international research community.

WRaP is an online catalogue of material produced by members of the University and contains details of articles, conference papers, book chapters and publications.


Recent publications

Peer reviewed academic journal articles:

Kuzma, J. Philippe, T. Koehler, J., Coronel, R. (2016), Effects of Social Media Platform Preference: A Country Comparison of Online University Reputations, Journal of International Management Studies, Journal of International Management Studies, 16(1),

Bartlett,D. Francis-Smythe,J.A. (2016) Bridging the Divide in Work and Organizational Psychology: Evidence from Practice. European Journal of Work and Organisational Psychology. Published online: 17 Mar 2016 DOI:10.1080/1359432X.2016.1156672. 

Nicolas Bisson, Simon Grondin, Jan Francis-Smythe (2015). Validation française de l’Échelle de la personnalité temporelle. L’Année psychologique/ Volume 115 / Issue 04 / December 2015, pp 561-590       

McLinden, M., Edwards, C., Garfield, J. and Moron-Garcia, S. (2015) Strengthening the links between research and teaching: Cultivating student expectations of research-informed teaching approaches, Education in Practice, 2(1), 24-29, November 2015. 

Henson, R. and Garfield, J. (2016) What attitude changes are needed to cause SME’s to take a strategic approach to information security? Athens Journal of Business and Economics. Volume2, Issue 3.

Holland, L. and Garfield, J. (2016) Linking research and teaching: An applied soft systems methodology case study, International Journal of Information Technologies and Systems Approach. 9(2), 23-38. 

Lewis, R. and Nichol, Lynn and Ward, P. (2015) The Effects of French Organisational Relationships on Telework Job Roles: an Exploratory Role Set Analysis. Organizational Culture: An International Journal, 15 (3). pp. 1-13. ISSN 2327-8013  

Turner, A. and Nichol, Lynn (2016) Development Assessment Centres: Practice Implications Arising from Exploring the Participant Voice. International Journal of HRD Practice, Policy and Research, 1 (1). pp. 85-99. ISSN 2397-4583  

Li, Z., Gupta, B., Loon, M. and Casimir, G. (2016), Combinative aspects of leadership style and emotional intelligence. Leadership and Organizational Development Journal, Vol. 37, Iss. 1, pp. 107 – 125.

Loon, M., Evans, J. and Kerridge, C. (2015), Learning with a strategic management simulation game: A case study. International Journal of Management Education, Vol. 13, Iss. 3, pp. 227–236  

Bell, R. and Loon, M. (2015), The impact of critical thinking disposition on learning using business simulations. International Journal of Management Education, Vol. 13, Iss. 2, pp. 119–127. 

Evans, C. and Richardson, M. (2016) Realizing the latent potential in the part-time student workforce. Industry & Higher Education. 

Wiid, R., Grant, P. S., Mills, A. J., and Pitt, L. F. (2016) No joke: Understanding public sentiment toward selling and salespeople through cartoon analysis. Marketing Theory, 16(2), 171–193. 

Bell, R (2016) Unpacking the Link between Entrepreneurialism and Employability: an Assessment of the Relationship Between Entrepreneurial Attitudes and Likelihood of Graduate Employment in a Professional Field. Education + Training, 58(1). pp. 2-17. 

Bell, R (2016) The Continuing Search to Find a More Effective and Less Intimidating Way to Teach Research Methods in Higher Education. Innovations in Teaching and Education International, 53(3). pp. 285-295.


Peer reviewed professional journal articles

Price-Mohr, Ruth and Price, Colin (2016) Gender Differences in Early Reading Strategies: A Comparison of Synthetic Phonics Only with a Mixed Approach to Teaching Reading to 4-5 Year-Old Children. Early Childhood Education Journal, 44 (5). ISSN 1082-3301  

Sadideen, H., Weldon, S., Saadeddin, M., Loon, M. and Kneebone, R. (2016) Video analysis of intra- and inter-professional leadership behaviours within “The Burns Suite”: Identifying key leadership models, Journal of Surgical Education, Vol. 73, No 1, pp. 31 – 39. 

Nicholls, R. (2016), “Responding to Fluctuating Demand for Healthcare Services”. Medical Maestro Magazine, 14: 1946-1951. 

Nicholls, R. (2016), “Capacity Management in Healthcare Services”. Medical Maestro Magazine, 16: 2250-2253. 

Warren, V. (2016). “Exploring Service Innovation Practices through a Longitudinal Ethnographic Case Study”, Published abstract in the International Journal of Qualitative Methods (IJQM). Available through WRAP.