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Members and Research Students

Happiness Agwaze (research student)

Dr Holly Andrews is interested in careers from a ‘dark side’ perspective. Her research looks into how traits associated with psychopathy in particular relate to career path and success within organisations.

Dr Scott Andrews has a research interest in the impact of participant centred learning and teaching modes in management education on present and future career competencies; and in particular the roles of Work Based learning and Case Study based learning approaches to management development.

Kritika Bahadur (research student) has an interest in the field of work life balance with a particular focus on the role of gender and management and integration of different life spheres.

Caphas Chisangowerata (research student)

Professor Jan Francis-Smythe has an interest in career competencies, the role of person-job fit in career development, time-related aspects of career and leadership development and evidence-based practice.

Alan Graham

Simon Hairsnape (research student) is researching the dynamics of stakeholder opposition and how it influences the NHS’ ability to reconfigure hospital services. Simon is a senior manager in the NHS and brings an ‘insider–researcher’ perspective to his studies.

Katherine Jones manages the work placement programmes and employability for Worcester Business School. Her main areas of interest are placements, graduate employability and enterprise.Converging students’ perceptions on placements and part-time work while in full-time study

Dr. Lynn Nichol

Mark Richardson

Anita Pickerden

Dr. Catharine Ross is interested in managing diversity, social responsibility and ethics in organisations, and in the development and management of trade unions.

Dr Helen Scott, member of academic staff, institute of Health and Society

Dr Kazia Solowiej (member of academic staff, Institute of Health and Society) Kazia Solowiej is interested in the area of career success. Specifically, what success means to individuals, how they achieve it and how this relates to gender and occupational

Adam Turner

Joanne Law (research student and sessional lecturer) has a research interest in exploring innovative recruitment and selection practices, with a particular focus on ‘cyber-vetting’ and its impact on the formation and development of trust, between new employees and their employers.