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Tackling Negative Behaviour

The links and resources in this section are intended to help those working in an educational environment identify, address and reduce negative behaviour relating to LGBT issues. For this context, negative behaviour has been identified as anything that is of a derogatory nature, offensive or damaging to individuals, intentional or not. The resources have been compiled to support educationalists in both identifying negative behaviour and developing strategies to address it. The page has a specific focus on children and adults who may refer and respond to LGBT people or issues in inappropriate ways, including the use of negative language.

For more information on using enabling and inclusive environments to tackle negative behaviour please see “Creating Inclusive Environments”.


  • OFSTED – Homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying review

  • Challenging Homophobic Language (Stonewall)

  • Homophobia in primary schools: does it exist?

Wong, C. & Hodkinson, A. (2012) Homophobia in primary schools: does it exist? Educationalfutures. [Online] 4(2), 60-78. Available from: (Accessed 19th February 2015).

Identifying and tackling transphobia and homophobia:

No Outsiders Project Team. (2010) Undoing Homophobia in Primary Schools. Trentham Books Ltd, Stoke-on-Trent. ISBN: 978-1858564401

  • Homophobia: Let’s Tackle It

  • No Bystanders – Stonewall campaign

  • CHIPS project – Challenging Homophobia in Primary Schools
Discussing, accepting and celebrating difference:

  • Stonewall primary resources

  • Breaking the Mould resources based on gender stereotypes

Related Websites:

  • Information and ideas for schools on tackling homophobia (includes Ofsted information)

  • Tackling Homophobic Bullying (NASUWT union)

  • Challenging homophobia and sexism in schools (ATL  union)

  • Optimus Education – tackling homophobia

  • Beyond Bullying – Homophobic Bullying

  • Guidance for Tackling Homophobia in Church of England Schools

  • Teachers’ TV: Challenging Homophobia

  • “Children are never too young to know homophobic bullying is wrong” article

Really good, relevant practice:

  • OFSTED Good Practice: Tackling homophobic bullying and ingrained attitudes at school.

  • OFSTED Good Practice: Tackling homophobic bullying in school

  • Stonewall Primary Best Practice Guide

  • ITV news – Educate and Celebrate workshops