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Supporting Teachers

In terms of supporting teachers, the resources, links and information within this section have been compiled to aid teachers who identify as LGBT as well as those who are interested in creating and maintaining a safe and inclusive environment for all school staff. As a workplace, schools are required to comply with the Equality Act (2010) and are also subject to a range of employment protections which have been explored and explained in this section. In addition, the page also works to provide information and resources for the development of an inclusive staff team and to support LGBT teachers by providing details and guidance on feeling safe at work, supporting diversity and addressing possible negative behaviour and responses. Please note that this page does not aim to suggest whether LGBT teachers should/should not ‘come out’ in the workplace and recognises that this is a highly personal and situational decision. All links provided on this topic have been included only to provide information and contacts for teachers who are looking for further information.
For more information on creating an LGBT-friendly school environment for staff and students please see “Creating Inclusive Environments”.


  • TES research: Gay teachers less likely to challenge homophobia

  • Teacher Support Network research findings

  • TUC: LGBT Equality at Work

  • Discrimination at work – definitions, advice and support

  • A list of the laws which cover hate crime and homophobia

  • Stonewall workplace guides

  • Sexual Orientation: The Equality Act made simple

  • An overview on employment protections for Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual people


Related Websites:

  • Educate & Celebrate: Making schools LGBT-friendly for staff and students

  • Equality for LGBT staff and pupils information from the ATL teachers’ union

  • ‘To come out or not to come out’ article

Includes case studies and personal experiences of teachers who idenitify as LGBT and those who do not. As an older text the legal legislation described in the text is now out of date but the perspectives and experiences explored are still highly relevant.

  • School’s Out – a charity with the main aim of making schools safe and inclusive for everyone including students, staff and parents.

  • NASUWT “Tackling Homophobic Bullying” (supporting students and teachers)

Really good, relevant practice:

  • Stonewall Primary Best Practice Guide

  • “How I built a career in LGBT education” article