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Supporting Families

This section provides information, links and documentation to provide help and guidance for families with LGBT members as well as parents who are concerned for their child’s welfare in school with regards to LGBT-related circumstances. The National Curriculum (2013) now states that different family types must be discussed and taught openly in primary schools in order to provide an inclusive and embracing community for everyone within schools. As such, the links and resources on this page have been compiled with the intention of supporting the National Curriculum’s statement as well as providing key information and resources to support the way in which LGBT-related issues are addressed in schools. The page also includes guidance on feeling safe and confident in school; encouraging and supporting diversity at school and at home, and working towards eliminating negative behaviour regarding sexuality and identity.

For more information on Supporting Families by tackling homophobia and transphobia in schools please see “Tackling Negative Behaviour.” 


  • No Outsiders – a research project which uses diverse children’s books to support LGBT equality, depict a range of families and tackle prejudice in the primary school.

  • Different families The experiences of children with lesbian and gay parents – research conducted by Stonewall 


For schools:

  • Family Diversity Reading Resource – the link to the resource can be found at the web address below. A list of children’s books which include LGBT issues among others and present a wide range of different families and people. These books have been read, approved and annotated by researchers.
  • Stonewall “Different Families, Same Love” resources

  • Out For Our Children Teachers’ Pack

  • We are Family (Out for Our Children) video

  • Stonewall “Including Different Families”
For families:

  • Stonewall “So you think your child is gay” leaflet

  • Gendered Intelligence: A Guide for Parents and Family Members of Trans People in the UK

Related Websites:

For schools:

  • Out for our children – an aid for Early Years settings who have lesbian parents – includes books, resources, personal experiences and information for teachers.

For Families:

  • Pink parents – supporting LGBT parents

Really good, relevant practice:

  • Stonewall Primary Best Practice Guide

  • OFSTED Good Practice: “Creating an inclusive school community”