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Our research services

Student Research Project

Would you like one of our students to conduct a simple, short research project for your business? For example, maybe some data collection? Data entry? Data analysis? We offer a scheme which allows you to contract a student to conduct a research project for you, but with the assurance of being under the supervision of an academic. Our students can help you with your research needs ranging from data collection, through to data analysis and report writing. This option offers the most affordable option but may only be suitable for simple research projects with clearly designed tools and expected outputs.

Academic Research Project

Do you have a business issue which requires attention quickly and directly by one of research consultants? We offer a simple, quick and direct way of working with our academics directly to conduct a research project. Our experienced researchers will ensure reliable and valid data collection, accurate and systematic data analysis, detailed and objective interpretations, clear and practicable recommendations. The costing is flexible (no project too small), based on the number of days needed for one of our academic experts to deliver the outcome. Our academics can help you fully design a project to gain the insight you need.

We can provide quantitative research (e.g. questionnaires) and qualitative research (e.g. in-depth interviews, focus groups). Depending on your time and budget constraints, we can help you just to gather data you need, do the analysis you need, or we can provide the full research package; administration, data collection, analysis, and final reporting.

As experienced researchers, we ensure:

  • Reliable and valid data collection
  • Accurate and systematic data analysis
  • Detailed and objective interpretations
  • Clear and practicable recommendations

Our experts are experienced in employee surveys, focus groups and psychometric profiling, market research, customer surveys, customer profiling, and controlled experiments for market testing.