Sustainability Strategy Group

The University established a Sustainability Strategy Group, which includes student, academic, service department and union representation, in 2005, chaired by Academic Lead for Sustainability.  Read the terms of reference and membership of the committee. It's reporting route is via Vice Chancellors Executive Board and the Board of Governors Audit committee receive an annual report. The Director of Sustainability acts as a focal point for all aspects of sustainability within the University and works to develop local, regional, national and international networks to further the sustainability agenda.  

Sustainability Policy

Agreed in February 2008, and reviewed annually the University of Worcester sets out how it will promote sustainable communities through our teaching, research and knowledge exchange activities in a detailed policy. We will foster a culture that values sustainability in arts and culture and promotes social enterprise in the region.  One of the University's core values is to promote sustainable development and active engagement with the community and fully accept our broad responsibilities to society. We are committed to continually improve our environmental performance and we have an environmental management system (ISO14001:2015, EcoCampus) to achieve this in a structured way.  We have performance indicators to help us to assess our current and future level of sustainability performance.  We have signed up to the SDG Accord and are reporting annually our progress on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

This enables us to benchmark our performance against similar institutions and sector standards. Objectives and targets have been set to have a positive impact on society as well as to prevent pollution and mitigate the University’s negative environmental impacts.  

Download and read our full Sustainability Policy.